Al-Misbaah aims to promote Islamic values of charity, character and morality that cultivate spiritual and intellectual development throughout society.



The three main functions of the organization are:

Community Outreach

General Assistance: We collect non-perishable goods and create food packages that are delivered to people in need within the Greater Sacramento Area monthly.

Zakah: We collect and distribute Zakah to those that qualify in accordance with Islamic law.

Homeless Clothing and Food Drives: We collect various food and/or clothing items and distribute them to the homeless in the Northern California area.

Youth Activities

Organize youth group activities throughout the year. We have basketball tournaments twice a year, with prizes for the victors. River rafting in summer months. Bowling, go-karting and other indoor activities that appeal to the youth.

We host Itikaaf nights throughout Ramadan in various Masjids.

Spiritual and Intellectual Enlightenment

We bring in esteemed Scholars from around the nation to impart Islamic wisdom on topics relevant to today by hosting extensive workshops around Northern California.


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Mailing address: PO Box 233047, Sacramento, CA 95823

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Our Location

6965 Luther Drive Unit 11,
CA 95823


Board of directors

Mohammad Yasir Khan

Ashiq Khan

Walid Khan

Farrukh Ershad

Fahad Iqbal

Al-Misbaah is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization.

Al-Misbaah is not a political organization. It is not affiliated with any political organization, domestic or international. Al-Misbaah condemns terrorism or any act of oppression, violence or bigotry.