For the past few years, we’ve been conducting Udhiyyah/Qurbani by donors making a donation, which is then followed by sacrificing the animal in a licensed and regulated facility closely monitored by federal, state and local governments to processing the meat by cutting it followed by packing it in 3-4 lb bags then delivering the fresh meat to families in need in Northern California. 

We take measures necessary to ensure that we meet all Islamic requirements such as the age, health and sacrifice of the animal. We have a qualified scholar who supervises the entire process to ensure all the prerequisites are met.

We invite you to do your Udhiyyah/Qurbani with us. Do so by using the link below.

Please note the following regarding Udhiyyah/Qurbani;

  • The price shown to donate towards a Udhiyyah/Qurbani includes all costs.

  • We are unable to honor requests from donors asking for meat from their donated Udhiyyah/Qurbani.

  • An Udhiyyah/Qurbani is only confirmed when payment is received online and a confirmation email is received. If you made a donation for Udhiyyah/Qurbani and have not received such confirmation, contact us immediately.

  • Payments for Udhiyyah/Qurbani will only be accepted online, no other forms of payment will be accepted due to the element of time.